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Workshop 1 - Advancing the SDGs: Understanding and Improving the Role of Corporate Transparency

Access here the agenda of the event, the complete program, the working paper "Private companies' contribution to the SDGs: does any step in the right direction counts?", and the key takeaways with highlights on the debates and conclusions of the workshop.

Session 1: What does it mean for a private company/investor to contribute to the SDGs?

PresentationsAron Belinky (FGVces) and Maitê Gauto (Fundação Abrinq)

Session 2: ESG reporting and materiality: Taking stock of the quality and relevance of information in reports for investors, policymakers, and civil society.

PresentationsAmir Amel-Zadeh (Saïd Business School - University of Oxford)Premila Nazareth Satyanand (NCAER)Sonia Favaretto (B3) and Marti Flacks (Business and Human Rights Resource Centre)

Session 3: SDG-specific reporting and assessment.

PresentationsAlyson Genovese (GRI)Roland Schatz (Global Sustainability Index Institute / Media Tenor) and Aron Belinky (FGVces)

Session 4: Case studies on company engagement (I).

PresentationsNick Maennling (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment)Jorge Soto (Braskem) and Malu Paiva (Fibria)

Session 5: Case studies on company engagement (II).

PresentationsSara Blackwell (Shift Project)*, Vania Borgerth (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment)Beatriz Espinosa (Petrobras) and Denise Hills (Itaú)

*Some practical cases in which initiatives are addressing human rights impacts and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were mentioned in Sara Blackwell’s presentation. To access this content, click here.